Facial Treatment Experience at Sulwhasoo Spa Hong Kong

Facial Treatment Experience at Sulwhasoo Spa Hong Kong

Hello everybody, facial and spa treatments are always the best friends with most of the ladies. Facial treatment is a procedure involving a variety of skin treatments, including: steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and massage. They can make you relax and spread out all the old substance from your skin which helps to renew the skin afterwards. They are normally performed in beauty salons but are also a common spa treatment.

I lately had a great relaxing facial treatment at Sulwhasoo Sap Centre in Hong Kong which gave me a different yet and special Korean medical facial treatment. Sulwhasoo Spa brings out beauty by healing the unbalanced body through Korean herbal medicine. The ingredients care for weary skin, while professional therapists restore a harmonious mind-body balance which is good for ladies’ bodies. When I got to the spa centre, the staff greeted me with some hot drinks and of course some nice relaxing music. The she asked about my skin type and my daily facial care. After she understand my skin type and history, she then chose a suitable facial treatment for me from several different treatments, they are grouped in
Hydro-Aid Moisturising Treatment
Hydro-Culating facial treatment (duration 75 mins), which gives a unique hydrating facial to improve circulation for dry skin in need of moisture; Hydro-Sensitive Skin Soothing facial treatment (duration 95 mins), which is for sensitive skin, and this soothing treatment uses cool porcelain massage and Sulwha paper soaked with Hydro Ampoule refines skin with minimum stimulation to promote circulation; 
Hydro-Deep Purifying facial treatment (duration 90 mins), which provides special gentle pore care technique, to remove black heads and clogged pores, followed by PCS beauty apparatus to instantly cool skin and tighten pores, combined with lymphatic massage to resume optimal moisture level and reinvigorates skin purity. 
Snows Whitening Treatment
Snowise Hydrating facial treatment (duration 95 mins), which is for dull and dehydrated skin as the purifying effect of white porcelain enhances skin absorption during massage along with infusion of concentrated whitening essences, skin translucent and luminous is revealed; and, 
Snowise Spot Curing facial treatment (duration 115 mins), which is for sagging skin with spots caused by photo-ageing and ageing , this treatment uses Snowise EX line, along with RF firming apparatus to infuse whitening essences into the skin to brighten and relieve dark spots and freckles. 
Ginseng Renewing Treatment
Ginseng Intensive facial treatment (115 mins), which is a sublime nourishing treatment incorporates highly anti-oxidising 99.99% gold foil, precious ginseng essence and Korean herbs, deeply moisturise skin and regenerate skin from inside out; and, 
Gold & Ginseng Anti-Ageing facial treatments (120 mins), which is an anti-ageing treatment incorporates 99.9% gold foil with strong anti-oxidant effect and precious ginseng extract, applied by RF firming beauty apparatus to rejuvenate skin and refine skin texture.

After she chose the treatment from the options above, she then explained the process of the whole facial treatment clearly. She also introduced me my facial treatment and beauty consultant, then the beauty consultant showed me around at the changing room and introduce all the facilities, then I get changed and started the treatment. During the treatment, the consultant chatted with me a bit and let me relax in a calm environment with relaxing and clam music in the treatment room. The consultant showed me the differences between then and after during the treatment right after she finished a set of facial massage, and I enjoyed the massage on my shoulders, arms and legs so much, after around 95 mins, I felt freshened and renewed. Then she directed me to have a nice shower and a section of sunna, which gave me another relaxing period of time. After I finished everything, the consultant finished the treatment with a set of tea and snacks, as well as a thank you card, how sweet :D 

Hope you enjoyed my facial experience at Sulwhasoo Spa and see you all soon on the next blog post!

Thank you so much for reading x


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